Research Studies

Work Packages

of an Assessment of Concerning Behaviour

Develop and standardize an instrument to identify and assess causes of severe maladaptive behaviour – the Severe Maladaptive Rating Tool (SMART)

Lead Investigator: Dr Paramala Santosh & Professor Emily Simonoff

Research Team: Dr Joanne Tarver, Ellie Bennett, Natalie Heaney, Mathilde Mastroianni

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Understand and describe the emergence of mental health problems from the perspectives of adolescents, young adults and parents/carers; their experiences of seeking help; and the impact of these problems on their lives.

Lead Investigator: Professor Gillian Baird

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Predictors (QUEST Follow Up)

Identify the personal, family and wider environmental risk/resilience factors for persistent/escalating SMB in adolescence so that future interventions can be personalised to target those at greatest risk.

Lead Investigators: Professor Emily Simonoff, Professor Tony Charman

Research Team: Dr Susie Chandler, Pippa White, Vinny Carter Leno, Moriya Maccabee

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Develop and evaluate two group-based interventions for parents of young children who have a diagnosis of ASD. The interventions aim to extend parents’ understanding of ASD and associated difficulties and will use recognised strategies designed to help families with children with ASD.

Lead Investigators: Professor Tony Charman, Professor Stephen Scott & Dr Vicky Slonims

Research Team: Dr Melanie Palmer, Dr Joanne Tarver, Thomas Cawthorne, Moriya Maccabee

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